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As you may know, the RCC Board had to bid farewell to our recently-elected Secretary Stephanie Brennan when she moved out of our Rolando community.
We were overjoyed that Tina Gagne stepped up to the task on such short notice and accepted the board’s appointment as our new RCC Secretary. Read below to learn a little about her. Please don’t hesitate to offer a kind welcome next time you see her in the neighbor- hood. We’re happy to have you on board, Tina!
Tina says: “My wife Deb and I moved to Rolando in December 2009. I currently work for the City and also have my own freelance copy- editing business, Dull Pencils Copyediting. In addition, I volunteer for the Greyhound Adoption Center.
“Deb and I just lost our 12-year-old Greyhound Penny, but have 2-year-old Olive and soon will welcome 1-year-old Hazel.
“A good way to sum up why I wanted to be a part of the board is this quote from the late saxophonist Clarence Clemmons: “Being involved in the well-being and advancement of one’s own community is a most natural thing to do.”

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