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San Diego is well known for the camaraderie amongst its musicians and nowhere is that more evident than at the monthly Under Cover at the Office series at North Park’s legendary bar, The Office. Each month a custom selected all-star band backs an all-star group of singers, joined in celebration of a favorite band or performer. Performers feted so far include The Cars, The Beatles, The Ramones, George Michael and Johnny Cash, with October 17 set for the music of Queen. Amongst the artists taking part this time out are 2018 San Diego Music Award winners, Whitney Shay and Ariel Levine, as well as Marie Haddad, Josh Weinstein and TJ Joseph of Buckfast Superbee. These shows are always a lot of fun, with a who’s who of local musicians in the audience as well. This night’s star attraction may be the music of Queen, but the Under Cover at the Office Series is always full of surprises and well worth seeing.

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