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Landscaping Ideas that Pay Off
Your property is not complete without the aspect of landscaping. Most homeowners in the landscaping to improve the value of their homes. Landscaping involves arranging your living or business space to make it more economical, convenient, and aesthetic according to your needs and preferences.
Landscaping your living space will serve to beautify and increase its appeal. Also, some aspects of the landscaping will protect your compound from natural hazards. Proper landscaping of your property can increase its value in the market. When planning to apply the art of landscaping, you will want to consult a professional Landscaper, who will turn your ideas into a reality, ensuring you get the best out of your living space.
We’ve covered some of the best landscaping ideas that pay off below so that you can decide which idea to apply depending on your preferences and needs.
Indoor Foliage
Plants go beyond just the aesthetics. Having indoor plants in your home or office area will transform your indoor space by creating a welcoming environment. Indoor foliage, which is commonly known as house plants, are the plants grown inside the residential or business spaces. The primary aim of keeping these plants is to increase the appeal of your space. There are different types of plants you can grow depending on the look and feel you desire. The most common plants you can grow in your indoor space include:

  • Areca Palm
  • Aloe Vera
  • The English Ivy
  • Snake Plant
  • Indian Basil

If you are hoping to create a tranquil and pleasant environment in your home or workplace, indoor foliage will provide that luxury for you. The following are some of the benefits of indoor foliage:

  1. Reduces Background Noise

In the past, plants were used to reduce the noise of heavy traffic on the roads. Today, the same principle is used in offices to regulate noise from equipment. This creates a peaceful environment for work.

  1. Improved Air Quality

Most plants have a large surface area that helps them exchange gas and water with the surrounding environment. Indoor foliage will improve the air quality of your home by getting rid of dust particles and carbon dioxide in the air.

  1. Cooling

In tall and populated buildings, indoor plants help to cool the surroundings through the process of evapotranspiration. For most individuals, being near green plants will improve their ease with their surroundings because of the cooling effect. A well-landscaped indoor garden will enhance the appeal of your space to visitors since the fresh air creates a relaxing environment. Also, the plants could be used as partitions, especially for offices practicing the open-plan layout.
The indoor foliage is a brilliant landscaping idea for your indoor spaces. However, before you decide on the type of plant you want to keep, you should consider: the cost of maintenance, the temperatures around your home or office, space available, lighting as well as the soil topography of your area. All these factors will help you in choosing a plant that best suits your home for maximum benefit to the occupants.
Flagstones for Your Outdoor Spaces
Flagstones are often unique large slabs or tiles. These stones will come in different shapes and colors, and they appear aged. The aged appearance of flagstones makes them a perfect landscaping idea for both modern and country homes.
The flagstones are made by cutting sedentary stones into preferable shapes and sizes. Natural stone makes a good cover for most of your outdoor spaces and blends in well with other aspects of your landscaping. Flagstones can be used for:

  • Stone pathways
  • Entryway hardscapes
  • Garden steps
  • Poolside landscape
  • Outdoor patios and fire pits

Although these natural stones are not cheap, there isn’t a better way to make your outdoor spaces unique and appealing than using flagstones. An experienced Landscaper can guide you through the process of selecting the right type of flagstone to suit your landscaping needs. Some of the varieties of flagstone available are:

  • Slate
  • Sandstone
  • Bluestone
  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Quartzite

Each kind of flagstone has its unique qualities and are used in different areas of your outdoor surface, depending on the purpose they are expected to serve. Some home innovations may be time-consuming and frustrating since they don’t bring out the appeal you want for your outdoor space.
However, you will never go wrong with flagstones on your driveways, poolside, and walkways. The following are some advantages of using flagstones:

  • Natural Look

The main benefit that flagstones have over other paving materials is their ancient natural look. Flagstones will blend in well with other natural aspects of your outdoor landscaping. However, a homeowner needs to choose the type of stone that will suit their space. The uniqueness, which is provided by each variety of flagstones, helps to ensure there is no pattern repetition.

  • Safety

When contemplating a landscape idea you want for your living space, you will want something safe for your family and visitors. Flagstones are often rough in texture. This makes them slip-resistant and safe to use throughout your home, even during rainy seasons.

  • Ease of Installation

Unlike other rare stones, flagstones are readily available and easy to install. Your landscaper will help you choose the design and type of flagstone that will suit your needs. If your landscape is damaged, repairing is easy, and you do not need a professional to do it for you.

  • Flexibility

Flagstones are thin materials; this makes it easy for them to get modified to different shapes and sizes. Also, these stones come in a variety of colors and designs to suit your ideas. The flagstones can get laid on hard surfaces, leaving spaces in between to allow the growth of vegetation.

  • Durability

Flagstones are not only slipping resistance, but they also resist breakage, even when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Also, it is resistant to chemicals, insects as well as acid from the soil. This makes them suitable for any soil and can get laid directly on the soil. The durability of flagstones will save you the cost of constant repair and replacement since they can last a long time.
Using flagstones for your property will make gardens safer and easily accessible through the well-landscaped pathways and driveways.
Landscape Lighting
Landscape lighting, which is also known as outdoor illumination, is the installation of lights as part of your outdoor landscaping. You can implement all types of ideas for your outdoor landscaping. However, nothing beats the benefits provided by landscape lighting. There are different types of landscaping lighting you can apply to your property, including:

  1. Path Lighting

Some lighting aspects of your home are discrete, where the light is visible but not the fixtures. However, that is not the case for path lighting. Path lighting is one of the most common landscape lighting aspects. All properties have paths; hence, these lights come in handy. Lighting that is used for pathways has standout features to ensure this aspect provides beauty in addition to the lighting.

  1. Silhouette Lighting

Silhouette lighting involves placing lights behind an object where the glowing effect is produced. The main aim of silhouette lighting is the lighting fixtures to be used, but the light does all the lighting.

  1. Uplighting

When you decide to do the uplighting, the lights will be placed on a tree or tall structure along the pathway. This will create a dramatic effect. Your landscaper will play around with the fixtures to ensure the light brings out the appeal needed.

  1. Shadow Lighting

Shadow lighting involves placing a light between ideal vantage point, and the feature light is focused. The light should get focused on a wall or other object that will catch the light and cast the shadow to produce the shadow effect.

  1. Wall Wash Lighting and Wall Grazing Lighting

The wash lighting fixtures are located at least 12 inches from the wall. This will offer an even or flat layer of light with some texturing. Wash lighting provides ambient lighting and is often used to add extra pizzazz to the outdoor entertainment spaces.
In-wall grazing, the lights are placed in closer proximity to the walls a distance, often less than 12 inches. The lights are placed upright, creating a more dramatic shadow while highlighting the color texture and design during the night.
Your living space is your pride and joy. After laying down all other aspects of your landscaping, you should consider installing landscape lighting. This will help highlight all other factors. Here are the most common benefits of landscape lighting:

  • Illuminates your Outdoor Spaces

The living room is not the only place you will want to spend quality time with family and friends; you can extend your living space outside on the patio or backyard. Installation of outdoor lights as part of your landscaping will illuminate these spaces, making them usable even during the night. The different varieties of outdoor lights make it possible to choose what to use for different occasions.

  • Deters Crime

One of the most crucial features of the landscape lights is increasing the security of your home. For instance, these lights will brighten dark corners and reduce the chances of property crimes, such as burglary. This will also make guests feel comfortable coming to your home at night. In short, well-installed landscape lights will show people how well your home is cared for, thus reducing trespassing and theft.
Apart from people intruding your homes, animals could hide around your garden or pathways. Lighting will enable you to see where you are walking or driving. This will reduce accidents in your home and also scare away animals that could be dangerous.

  • Landscape Lights Highlight other Décor

Our homes are filled with different patterns and features of landscaping. Installing outdoor lighting throughout your outdoor living space will highlight all other elements, especially at night. When placed near the unique characteristics of your outdoor landscape features, these lights could be an excellent way to show off the features Also these lights could be used to create barriers to areas you don’t want people or pets to cross.

  • Enhancing Property Value

Landscaping lights enhance the beauty of your home and increase its appeal. In return, this will increase market value and more financial benefit for you and your family. Apart from highlighting other landscape features, the outdoor lighting will showcase your architectural property features.
Ornamental Grass
Ornamental grasses have become increasingly popular in the recent past and are grown as decorative plants around the compound. These plants are often grown in colder regions and come up from the roots during spring. However, they are dormant during the winter, but still, provide their unique look to your compound. Ornamental grasses can be grown near your swimming pool, on the garden and in your path and driveways.
There is a wide variety of choices for your gardening needs. Ornamental grasses are not just green, but they range from vibrant shades of blue and red. The following are some of the most common types of ornamental grasses you can grow to enhance the life and beauty of your landscaping:

  • Blue Fescue Grass
  • Japanese forest grass
  • Fountain grass
  • Zebra grass
  • Blue Oat grass
  • Pink muhly grass

If you wish to add some ornamental grasses to your compound, you should consider hiring a Landscaper to help you. Ornamental grasses are beautiful and soothing, which adds a sense of peacefulness to your landscape. Other benefits offered by ornamental grass include:

  • Low or non-maintenance – Although there is some cutting back of spent foliage as well as dividing into large clumps, ornamental grass generally requires low maintenance and will require less expertise to take care.
  • Saves Money – Ornamental grasses, especially the active one, do not need constant watering since they are drought resistant. Also, they are resistant to pests and diseases and don’t need insecticides or fertilizers to keep them healthy. This makes it a cheap idea for landscaping around your home.
  • Beautiful all year round – Ornamental grasses add color to your garden and compound before and after blooming of other outdoor plants. While other plants will shine during summer and spring, the ornamental grasses will shine during winter.
  • Eco-friendly – The Ornamental grasses can be grown on the slopes of your compound to prevent soil erosion.

Repurposed Planters
Repurposed planters are all materials you can use to plant flowers or other plants as part of your landscaping. There are many things you can repurpose to make planters, including:

  • Galvanized tub planters
  • Tool-boxes planters
  • Wheelbarrow planters
  • Gutters planters
  • Boot planters

The following are some benefits of using repurposed planters:

  1. Saves money – Using containers, tires, and other materials that would have otherwise been disposed of is a good way of turning trash into treasure. Getting creative will not only make your outdoor spaces attractive but also save you on the cost of buying pots to put your plants. Moreover, these recycled planters make good use of vertical spaces. If you do not have a garden where you can put up your flowers and other outdoor plants, these materials will enable you to make use of small spaces in your home.
  2. Helps you declutter your garage – Recycled planters can be made of numerous waste materials from your garage. These materials range from car tires to owl kitchen that is no longer in use. When these materials become useful, they help you clear up space in your garage.
  3. Unique designs – Using planters from recycled materials will create a unique appearance for your landscape since you will use a variety of materials with different colors and shapes.

Make Geometric Patterns with Pavers and Ground Cover
Making a geographic pattern with broken pavers is a cheap landscaping idea that uses visual impact. If you have occupied ground space in your compound that you intend to cover up, consider using broken paver pieces in a pattern of your choice. You can plant mosaic, creeping sedum, or moss between the pattern to create contrast. Using the two materials saves you cost and labor for your outdoor landscaping.
The creeping medium, which is a light green plant with yellow flowers spreading on their own, provides your outdoor spaces with the extra touch of beauty. You can improve the fragrance by placing the lemon thyme between the broken pavers.
Using Gravel on Garden Paths
Your outdoor garden is a place you frequent to catch some fresh air. You can use gravel to pave the parts that don’t support vegetation. Gravel is a durable, relatively inexpensive, and low maintenance material. The gravel can be placed in these grades due to the heavy foot traffic and need to push wheelbarrows and other gardening tools around.
The use of gravel will give you a wide range of beautiful stores to choose from. Each type of gravel will offer a distinctive look that will make your garden paths unique and appealing. Also, these crushed stores are flexible in that you are not restricted to straight paths since you can curve the path where need calls.
A Professional Landscaper Can Help to Materialize Your Landscaping Idea
Ultimately, when choosing the right landscaping ideas to incorporate in your home, you should ensure that your idea gives you value for your money and time by providing the appeal and feel you want to create for your living space. A professional Landscaper can help you to choose and apply a landscaping idea that will give value for your time and money.

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