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Tales From Behind The Bar with Sarah DiMartile

If there is one profession that places its workers in ringside seats to the world, it’s the men and women who tend bars.
Much like psychiatrists, bartenders stand witness of a host of human behaviors, and they’re adept at listening to people with stories to tell. The only difference is that pulling the ear of a bartender is free, except for the money spent on whatever libations they sling.
We reached out to a handful of esteemed bartenders throughout San Diego to ask what customer interactions remain forever etched in their minds.
What we heard were narratives ranging from good to bad to comical and racy. We also gave them a opportunity to share with us their signature cocktails or latest and greatest concoctions.

Since Sarah took the job as bartender three years ago at this popular India Street cocktail lounge, Sarah DiMartile has served cocktails to many couples on blind dates. She also fields conversations “about literally anything” from other customers, including hearing about their personal health issues. “I had an older guy who would tell me about his bowel movements,” she quipped.
On the romance front, she recalls a woman waiting nervously for her blind date. She ordered a shot and became excessively chatty with DiMartile as she was working a full bar.
“As soon the guy arrived I could tell it wasn’t going to work out. They hung out for an hour and then went their separate ways,” she said. Although a year later, the woman returned, arriving with a different blind date. “She remembered my name and every- thing as they sat down,” said DiMartile, adding that the symmetry “went a lot better this time around.” Which could explain why she never saw either of them again.
Di Martile’s favorite drink: The Final Ward, a classic cocktail that mixes together rye bourbon, lemon juice, green chartreuse and maraschino liqueur.

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