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As a World-Renowned Health and Wellness expert, as well as President; founder; and Guardian or Puradyme;

Lou Corona has devoted the last 47 years of his life to teaching and training others across the globe to live a more vibrant, radiant and healthier lifestyle.

In a seminar in North Park on August 15th; Corona will introduce the “Four Principles of Life” which saved and transformed his own life; as well as hundreds of thousands of others over the years.

Lou promises to unlock the door to the secret of slowing down the aging process so we can all heal ourselves by practicing his four principles.

Q: You’ll be 68 years old very soon – you look 20 years younger. What’s your secret?

A: I like to say 68 years young! In 1973, when I was 21, I was in the Air Force. I was always very athletic in my youth but after boot camp; my body started developing some serious digestive issues. Eventually; I was going to the bathroom only once every three weeks!
When that happened my system became very toxic as you might imagine, and I ended up with severe acne, allergies; rash; and itching head to toe.
I suffered from chronic asthma and arthritis for which I was heavily medicated, and I also developed a large tumor behind my head and was facing surgery.
I wondered to myself why I was suffering from all these various ailments?
Didn’t smoke, didn’t drink, don’t take drugs, and no doctors knew what was causing these issues.
None of this made sense to me. I realized at that moment that it was my birthright to be healthy! I put my hands together in prayer and I asked God three questions:

1. What was causing my conditions?

2. What solutions could I implement to help me overcome these conditions?

3. How was I intended to live from now on so I could get well – and stay well in order to have the quality of life that he intended for us.

At that moment I felt a presence and I walked away for the hospital knowing I was never coming back and I haven’t been back since!
That very evening I suffered a chronic asthma attack. That’s when I said to God “You either take me right now and I will serve you in Spirit, or you can show me the way to get well. I’m willing to do whatever it takes”.
At that moment I had a tingling warm sensation throughout my body and I was embraced by this bright light around me. That’s when I was shown the way, and that’s when these Four Principles were placed upon my heart.
I woke up the very next day knowing these Four Principles and knowing that these principles were the course of my future. I understood that this was what I needed to do and how I needed to live.
It was a lifestyle that I need to incorporate into my daily life. Within six months of applying these four principles, my body began to cleanse itself. Parasitic worms and ugly black rubbery things were coming out of my body through elimination. The tumor, the acne, and all these digestive problems went away. I was healthy!
I promised then and there to make it my life’s mission to spread this knowledge of the Four Principles all over the world.

Q: What will people learn by attending your seminar in San Diego on August 15th?

A: People are going to have an opportunity to hear a detailed explanation of the Four Principles of life that I’ve lived and taught for 47 years. They get to witness the efficacy and the power behind them Four Principles.
They’ll get to see the example, the expression, the energy, the strength, and the vitality that I have carried for all these years and that have transformed and saved my life, as well for people all over the world.
They will also learn the power and the efficacy of plant enzymes/probiotics. I’ll show them how they can utilize enzymes to accelerate the cleansing and healing process to regain and maintain incredible health and wellness that we all deserve.

Q: What are Enzymes and why are they so important?

A: Enzymes are the very spark of Life. Nothing lives or grows with enzymes.

Q: What are some of the symptoms that you’ve seen in those who have attended your seminars in the past which can be alleviated by applying the Four Principles.

A: The root cause of all sickness and disease is related to toxins. The symptoms that people suffer from which are related to toxins include poor digestion; constipation; hormonal imbalances; allergies; headaches; acne; infections; chronic fatigue and various other conditions.

What: Lou Corona Live

When: Thursday, August 15th, 2019at 7:00 p.m.

Where: Sunset Temple in North Park 3911 Kansas St. San Diego, CA 92104

*Note: The seminar is FREE!! (Shout out to Sunset Temple for donating the beautiful venue), But seating is strictly limited and this event will very likely sell out. To avoid the waiting list, please pre-register as soon as possible on the Eventbrite app or online at

How: Go to to register for FREE.

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