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As Mayor and a Councilmember prior, I have worked to make Chula Vista a business friendly city and bring small business to our city. We have been successful at attracting hundreds of new businesses over the years. It has been exciting to open so many new wonderful businesses located in Chula Vista by cutting the ribbon during their opening. Every year I look forward to attending the Taste of Third and Taste of Eastlake to support our local businesses. These events allow you to get a chance to try different food selections from so many local and family restaurants. Chula Vista will be the leader in job creation and small business opportunities in the region because of our growing and dynamic economy. I especially want to acknowledge the Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Chula Vista, Small Business Elevate (SB), and Eastlake Food to Go for everything they do for our business community.

Everyday Crime
San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan along with other District Attorneys across California are working to make changes to Proposition 47, which the voters passed in November 2014.

The adoption of Proposition 47 has led to an increase in homelessness, retail theft, and drug addiction. Since its passage, retail theft has exploded with repeat offenders knowing the worst penalty they face is a misdemeanor, rather than a felony. The increase in theft and related homeless crime has had a rather predictable result. Many large retailers now must lock up many of their daily-essential items due to how often these items are stolen.

The placement of everyday products in locked cabinets makes shopping more difficult and, not surprisingly, the burden falls most heavily on low-income residents. Some stores have had to reduce operating hours, or even close completely. A Starbucks location on H Street has been closed for almost a year now, due to a fire that was started by homeless people that were trespassing on the lot next door.

I organized a South Bay Press Conference and Signature Gathering Event with District Attorney Stephan and National City Mayor Ron Morrison. In attendance was also Imperial Beach Councilmember Mitch McKay and Neighborhood Market Association President and CEO Arkan Samo.

Fixing Proposition 47
Homelessness has increased 51% throughout the state. Proposition 47 is certainly not the only factor, but it is a major factor. Proposition 47 has affected businesses, employees, community members, students, and more. We need to amend Proposition 47 by reclassifying retail theft with 2 or more prior convictions as a FELONY. After 2 hard drug convictions, it should be a treatment mandated felony. Lastly, we need to address the fentanyl crisis by going after the dealers.

I am proud to join 14 other cities in supporting the “Homelessness, Drug Addiction and Theft Reduction Act.”

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