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The Savorite app is here to help restaurants get back to business in a post-pandemic world.

These days, the vibrant pulse of our city’s dining scene feels like a thing of the past. Foodies Jason Cabildo and Cristina Romanillos founded Savorite, a revolutionary new app that is finding ways to help bring diners back to restaurants in a safe and exciting way.

With Savorite, diners can quickly find last minute deals on the best local restaurants near them. Unlike other platforms, Savorite gives restaurants the ability to instantly upload offers of up to 50% off a customer’s total bill to help fill empty tables and increase takeout in real time. This encourages customers to dine out and enjoy great meals while helping restaurants bring in business when they need it most.

So let’s say you’re heading out to eat, but you can’t decide where to go. Open up the Savorite app before you leave home and see what restaurants are offering live deals for the day, choose one that satisfies your craving, book yourselves a table and eat out for a fraction of the price!

“The idea is to help drive traffic during quieter times of the day, when business is typically slow.

When a restaurant has empty tables, those tables are contributing $0 to their bottom-line, but with Savorite, restaurants can maximize their excess capacity and bring in additional income by rewarding diners who eat at those slow times with reduced prices,” Jason said.

The shift to off-peak dining also allows diners to stay away from the crowds without giving up the experience of dining out. Savorite screens each restaurant added to the platform for safety measures advised by authorities to ensure each one of their users are able to enjoy great meals at great prices with comfort in mind.

“The safety of our community comes first,” Jason said. “If dining out isn’t your thing right now, Savorite enables restaurants to share takeout only deals to keep customers coming even if they’d like a delicious night in.”

Savorite has already teamed up with some of the best local businesses around downtown and has plans to expand to neighborhoods like Hillcrest and North Park to help bring more of its community to restaurants in need.

Whether it’s a brunch of pancakes with friends or a much needed date night, take advantage of last minute offers to help restaurants revive their business.

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