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By Heather Gervasi

Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I checked myself into a well- renowned San Diego clinic because I experienced sudden neurologic symptoms that left me impaired. The MRI indicated dozens of lesions on my brain stem and spinal cord. The neurologist reported that damage to my myelin sheath affected my nerve impulses, producing neurological problems. The cause was unknown, there was no cure and symptoms may progress, requiring me to use a wheelchair.
The following day, an MS specialist noted my symptoms, which included impaired walking, brain fog, severe tingling of my arms and an inability to select words. He told me that there was nothing I could take to repair the myelin sheath in my brain and informed me of drug contradictions that included behavioral problems (depression and suicidal thoughts), liver failure, blood problems, seizures, and aneurysms—all of which can lead to death. Taking advice from a medical doctor who lacks an understanding of MS and has no experience successfully resolving its root cause was not an option. Long-term medication may eventually cause more painful symptoms and potentially death. Accord- ing to US News, Michael Schroeder, writer of the article, entitled “Death by Prescription” (Sept. 27, 2016), states: “By one estimate, taking prescribed medications is the fourth leading cause of death among Americans.”

Concerned about my future, I really needed answers to my most pressing questions:

• Could I advocate for myself and find doctors with experience and success healing MS patients with non-conventional medicine?
•Would my physical limitations and pain render me incapable of keeping my high earning career job that I loved?
•Could changing my diet improve or eliminate some of my symptoms?
A strong believer in Jesus Christ and never a fan of drugs, I would not accept the neurologist’s earth-shattering prognosis and turned to the Lord in prayer. I was filled with peace and hope and began seeking medical advice elsewhere. I was led to an integrative clinic, like the Center for Advanced Medicine (or CAM) in Encinitas, that specializes in non-invasive treatments for auto-immune and chronic inflammatory diseases. Successful at reducing/eliminating MS symptoms through natural therapies and substances encouraged individuals’ inherent self-healing. I was tested for deficiencies in my body (i.e. vitamins, minerals, etc.) and heavy metals, and the test results identified health suppressors that helped my doctors identify the root cause of my disease.
My body contained dangerous levels of cadmium, mercury, and several other toxic metals, which were released in my blood system years prior during a dental procedure to replace my metal fillings with porcelain fillings. The integrative medical doctor overseeing my case recommended chelation as a possible therapy to remove the metals but started me on a heavy dosage of green algae that contained vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Its research indicated it could help shuttle toxins out of one’s body. Supplements were prescribed, and I followed a special diet. Within a few months and by the Fall of 2011, my symptoms vanished entirely. My energy levels returned, the numbness and tingling disappeared, the strength in my legs returned and my cognitive function returned to normal.

In spite of and because of my MS diagnoses, I live symptom-free and practice wellness protocols to combat the chemicals, environmental toxins, and radiation that I get exposed to every day. It is an honor to help others who are sick and without hope at the Center for Advanced Medicine, where doctors specialize in treating all auto-immune diseases and achieve a 90% success rate with their patient outcomes. If you or someone you know is dealing with chronic illness (with symptoms occurring for 90 days or more), please contact the Center to get a Bioscan Report of the stressors in your body—i.e., heavy metals, chemicals, molds and foods—and ask for a copy of Back from MS—Five Steps to Reversing Multiple Sclerosis, written by Co-Founder William R. Kellas, PhD, and Andrea S. Dworkin, ND, PhD.
Heather Gervasi is the Practice Administrator at the Center for Advanced Medicine located in Encinitas, California, and dedicates her life to serving God and her family and helping the sick get well and free.
Disclaimer: This is a personal account and is not intended to replace the advice of your own doctor or to diagnose, prescribe or treat, but rather to impart knowledge and understanding so that you can personally advocate for yourself and make decisions that are right for you.

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