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The notion of Valentines Day marks a wonderful tradition. It is a Day to Express Your Love and Care to all the special people in your life.

Whether you are a child designing Valentine’s card for your teacher, classmates, parents, or friends; a teenager with a crush; dating someone you really – really like; engaged, married, or simply committed to your life-partner; you are a parent, or a grandparent, or have any other type of love connection—- well, sending and receiving Valentine Cards — is a happy place to be!
Yet for some people, Valentines Day might refer to a sad memory, a love lost, or a dear one who has passed… Or perhaps a sense of feeling “left out” as you have never actually found that one true love even though your soul has cried out to know it, to feel it, and to trust love! Well, wherever you are landing right now with your love-life… It is so important to be grateful.
Even if you have not yet found the “Love of Your Life” or you’ve been disappointed in relationships where you might feel your emotional investment has never quite paid off; what matters most is that you keep your heart open, no matter what! For those of you who may not be aware, well… I ghost-write love letters! Yes, it is true.
My absolute passion has been to help so many people let go of their emotional baggage and express their TRUE feelings to another despite any angst or setbacks and regardless of any history or sad experience. I believe, with my help, they can create a new love story and set themselves Free! FYI, I have even written letters for some of my clients’ that tunes into their unconscious by creating a message to their conscious self! I know that may sound heavy, but actually —- it is the opposite.
It is so LIGHT! I am blessed to be able to tap into another’s heart and actually find the right words for what anyone really wants to say. Once, for a Valentine’s Day celebration, I was asked by a lovely lady; (as a truly heartfelt gesture), to create a very special poem —- from her to her husband. This was a particularly special Valentine’s gift in order to commemorate their rather tempestuous journey… And the deeper love they were able to manifest despite everything… The wife presented the poem to her husband on Valentines Day.
Despite all the disappointments, setbacks; and heavy experiences, fortunately; she was able to call attention to their experiences in a positive way and to celebrate their enduring if not realized deep appreciation for the road they traveled and the love that was redeemed.
Interestingly, this couple had met when they were children. They grew up in the same neighborhood. Their mothers were close friends. Over the many years between childhood and becoming adults; they wove their way in and out of each other’s life and finally got married. And that was a journey in and of itself! Here is the wife’s salute to their marriage and how they evolved together…
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