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Electromagnetic energy is all the rage for battling bulges and strengthening muscles

By C. Christie Craig

It is a long-overdue scientific solution for burning body fat and achieving muscle tone. Luckily for San Diegans, the cutting- edge technology is right in our own back- yard at a Chula Vista clinic headed by bioidentical hormone specialist, Dr. Melinda Silva.
A practitioner of both holistic and traditional medicine, Dr. Silva takes a compassionate approach to integrative medicine. She possesses a breadth of knowledge on anti-aging and non-synthetic hormone therapies, and is the author of the nationally acclaimed book, Aging Gracefully and Strong.
More recently, she came into the forefront as one of the first physicians in San Diego to offer a revolutionary non-invasive proce- dure for melting away fat and toning the body—and with remarkable results that many in the medical community say gives men and women an accelerated edge to dieting and exercising.
Known as EMSCULPT, it’s an FDA- approved machine that applies topical electromagnetic energy to areas of the body plagued by excess fat or flabby muscles. Whether it’s abs, butts or thighs that need attention, EMSCULPT is a pain- less and non-invasive procedure that yields tangible results after only one or two 30-minute treatments.
“EMSCULPT gets people to their goals faster and motivates them to stay there,” said Dr. Silva, citing that a half-hour session is equal to 20,000 abdominal crunches or 20,000 squats.
How is this possible?
The machine’s high-frequency electromagnetic waves trigger supramaximal contractions of the muscles, thus prompting the body to build more muscle tissue while breaking down pesky fat cells. It is a celebrated non-surgical alternative to weight-loss medications and cosmetic surgeries, and with no pain or downtime after receiving treatments.
For those who are medically limited in their ability to perform strenuous workouts, the treatments are a godsend for improving core strength. For athletic types, a few sessions can go a long way in further sculpting their stomachs and backsides.
Dr. Silva advises, however, that the treatments serve as supplemental boosts to proper eating, exercise and hormone balance.
Yet by all accounts, they effectively help people achieve their goals when combined with an overall maintenance program.
Regardless of body type or medical con- cerns, Dr. Silva is lauded for putting her
patients at ease and instilling self- confidence in them whether they come in for EMSCULPT treatments, weight loss, hormone replacement therapy or to address hair and scalp issues. What sets Dr. Silva apart from other clinics that offer similar noninvasive body sculpturing is that Dr. Silva comes from a place of health.

The underlying principle she brings into her practice beckons to what a mentor told her while she was in medical school: “Patients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” That philosophy is firmly upheld when you consider Dr. Silva’s diverse patient load. Her clients originate from all over the country for services that also include treatments for brain injuries and PTSD as well as other cosmetic procedures such as customized peels and facials, Botox and collagen injections, and more.
Dr. Silva’s humanitarian spirit extends also to disabled and homeless veterans. Inspired by a veteran she met at the gym who lost his legs when stepping on a hand grenade while deployed, and who couldn’t afford the prescriptions he needed to correct a hormonal imbalance, Dr. Silva arranged to have his lab work and pharmaceuticals covered, and also joined forces with Cammies and Canines.
The Dulzura-based organization helps homeless veterans transition into jobs and housing while providing canine companion- ship when needed.
“They save dogs from being euthanized and then they donate those dogs to veter- ans to help them heal,” Dr. Silva noted.
Adding that she is collaborating with the Genesis Environmental and Cammies and Canines nonprofits in raising funds to build an organic farm and a healing sanctuary for veterans and their pooches. It’s a triple-win project in which the environment, veterans and dogs benefit.
Dr. Silva is located in the Village Arts Medi- cal Building at 890 Eastlake Parkway, Suite 103, in Chula Vista.
For consultations, appointments or more information about the services she offers, call 619-761-1574 or
To learn more about donating to Cammies and Canines, visit:

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