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New Innovative Anti-Aging Treatments Rewind the Clock with Dr. Karen Kohatsu

By Emily Glaser
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The founder of Poway Women’s Care, Dr. Karen Kohatsu launches the new Anti-Aging division of her practice called “Be Youthful Aesthetics” for men and women.

At her last birthday party, Dr. Karen Kohatsu’s husband raised a toast to his wife: “I thought we were going to grow old together—when are you going to start?

His sparkling aside is a testament to the expertise of Dr. Karen Kohatsu and the efficacy of the aesthetic treatments available at her practice, Poway Women’s Care. Though Dr. Kohatsu has been a Board Certified OB / GYN practicing in San Diego for over 25 years, it was ten years ago that she decided to expand her practice to include aesthetics—a narrative which naturally raises the question of “why?

“As I’ve gotten older, these are things I thought I needed for myself,”

Dr. Kohatsu says of her practice’s anti-aging treatments. “As I’ve been in practice, my patients are aging too, and we’re all looking for something to match the way we feel on the inside—we just want to look like ourselves, but more refreshed.”

It was this universal aspiration to look like our beautiful, youthful selves and to evade the bothersome blemishes of age that inspired Dr. Karen Kohatsu to incorporate anti-aging services into the repertoire of Poway Women’s Care. “I just want my patients to look and feel their best,” she says, and that’s exactly what she’s accomplished with her increasingly expansive selection of treatments.

TempSure No Surgery, No Needles, No Downtime!

Over the years, the aesthetics side of the practice has grown to include a host of treatments and procedures suitable for both men and women to look and feel youthful. Such offerings began first with Obagi, a medical-grade skincare line that alleviates fine lines and wrinkles while brightening the complexion; next came injectables like Botox and Dysport, then hyaluronic fillers, followed by CoolSculpting for fat reduction and the Masella Chair that was FDA cleared for female incontinence and male nocturia.

All of these treatments—along with innovative lasers and incontinence remedies—are now available under Dr. Karen Kohatsu’s new aesthetics affiliate, Be Youthful Aesthetics at Poway Women’s Care.

The extension of Dr. Karen Kohatsu and her practice, as the name suggests, was created to foster youthfulness, beauty, and confidence in all of her patients. It’s with that in mind that she’s added two new platforms to the anti-aging lineup: the Icon IPL/Laser system and the TempSure Envi and Vitalia.

Both the Icon and the TempSure represent the apex in the evolution of aesthetics. “They’re noninvasive, relatively quick, requires no downtime, and inexpensive compared to surgical intervention,” Dr. Karen Kohatsu explains. Both treatments work superficially to treat external imperfections, as well as below the skin, at the source of aging.

As we mature, both our skin and underlying facial structure are impacted by the natural decline of age. On the surface, our skin bears the marked effects of our lives: brown spots from time spent in the sun and fine lines and wrinkles from our expressions. Beneath the skin, we’re also aging as our bodies naturally produce less collagen and elastin, the natural support systems of the skin, which leads to a loss of youthful volume in the face.

“As we age and we go through our 40s and 50s, we start losing bone, fat, and muscle, and things start to sag,”

Dr. Kohatsu adds. In order to reverse the negative effects of aging, modern treatments like the Icon IPL/Laser and TempSure treat both the internal and external aspects of aging.


The Apex of Anti-Aging

The Icon IPL/Laser System

The Icon assuages a spectrum of imperfections associated with aging, including hyperpigmentation (brown spots), rosacea (redness), wrinkles and fine lines, and dull complexions, as well as other concerns like facial veins and even hair removal.

The treatment works in two steps: first, discoloration and facial veins are alleviated using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, and then the “microbeam” laser technology stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to restore youthfulness and brightness.
Unlike its anti-aging laser predecessors, the Icon is unique because of its Skintel monitor. “The Icon is the only system that has this device. The Skintel measures the melanin in your skin,” Dr. Kohatsu explains. “Prior to the Icon system, the laser energy applied to the area of concern was a guessing game.” By measuring the melanin in each patient’s skin, the Icon laser adjusts its energy output to ensure the patient is both safe and happy with their personalized results.“It’s the best IPL laser treatment technology, bar none,” she vows.

Alleviating Aging From the Inside Out

The TempSure Envi & Vitalia
The TempSure Envi is another excellent option for men and women looking to attain a firm and toned complexion. The device specifically targets fine lines and wrinkles by activating a tightening effect on the skin. Using radiofrequency treatments—in other words, heat—the TempSure Envi stimulates collagen production beneath the skin; healing the effects of aging from the inside out and restoring youthfulness.

Though the applications of the TempSure Envi are many; it works particularly well to treat forehead lines; frown lines; crow’s feet; and expression lines; as well as tightening loose; aged skin in other problem areas like the neck.
The TempSure Envi’s ideal patient is anyone looking to bid goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines and say hello to a more youthful complexion. The TempSure also has a second device, the TempSure Vitalia, specially designed for women. This intravaginal instrument is the only temperature-controlled radiofrequency probe for women’s wellness. The innovative treatment helps with skin tightening, moisture, and may even alleviate incontinence. The TempSure Vitalia revitalizes the tissue inside the vagina to increase circulation and decrease pain and muscle spasms (and, in the case of one of Dr. Kohatsu’s patients, even restored a healthy sex life!).

Lunch Hour Treatments for Lasting Confidence

The Icon laser system and the Tempsure Envi and Vitalia treatments are all quick
(only 20–60 minutes each), noninvasive procedures. There are no side effects outside of
minimal redness and no downtime, making these the definitive “lunch hour” procedures. Dr. Kohatsu does point out that these are not “one and done” treatments; she recommends three sessions at one-month intervals for both Icon IPL Laser and TempSure procedures, followed by annual touch-ups.
TempSure™ Envi, Beautiful Skin. Beautifully Simple.

“Its The Best Ipl Laser Treatment Technology, Bar None.”

The intentions and outcome of the Icon and TempSure treatments align with Dr. Kohatsu’s new motto, Be Youthful. “This is all part of our mission for men and women,” she says with a smile. “Be Youthful” is also a play on words; a homophone that sounds strikingly like “beautiful” an intentional twist of phrase meant to inspire patients to be their best; most beautiful selves.

Dr. Karen Kohatsu has developed her expansive anti-aging practice over the past decade with consistent intentions; to help her patients look and feel their best. “It does increase your confidence and the way that you present yourself to the world,” she says of the aesthetic treatments; she now offers through the Be Youthful Aesthetics at Poway Women’s Care. With treatments like the Icon, TempSure Envi; and TempSure Vitalia; the men and women of San Diego can restore their appearance and confidence in order to be their most youthful; beautiful selves!

Dr. Karen Kohatsu of Poway Women's Care and Be Youthful Aesthetics

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