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There have been many celebrated guitarists to emerge from San Diego, but few have as an impressive resume as that of Jake E Lee.
Appearing at Brick by Brick on February 26 with his band, The Red Cartel, Lee got his start at local clubs with the bands Teaser and Mickey Ratt. Before going on to a career in hard rock that has seen him play some of the world’s biggest stages.
Beginning in the early 1981’s, he has been part of a string of albums by such names as Rough Cutt, Badlands, Enuf Z’Nuff.
While cementing his place in rock history, Ozzy Osbourne, with whom he recorded the classic albums, Bark at the Moon (1983) and The Ultimate Sin (1986). Lee is touring in support of his new album, Patina, with songs from throughout his solo career.
Lee is one of the lynchpins of 80’s era classic rock, don’t pass up this chance to catch a set from this hometown hero.
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