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Free Seminar, Coming to San Diego August 15th

World-Renowned Health &Wellness Expert, Lou Corona, Reveals the Hidden Secrets to Conquering Sickness & Disease

By C. Christie Craig
Conquering sickness and disease is a bold claim, to be sure. As audacious as it sounds, however, it’s no surprise at all to Lou Corona’s raving fans and followers, or to those of us who already know him, who have seen or experienced results for themselves. But before I get into that, one question:

“What do Arnold Schwarzenegger, top professional athletes, Olympic champions, elite special forces, and long-time health and wellness expert, Lou Corona, all have in common?”

Answer: They have all turned to a plant-based diet where food comes from plants and doesn’t contain animal-based ingredients such as meat, milk, eggs or honey. And they’re not alone.
Increasingly, the world seems to be moving in that direction. In fact, the new award-winning film, The Game Changers, was the talk of Sundance and is slated to hit theaters next month. Like Forks Over Knives, this new documentary contains some of the latest research supporting the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

It rejects the same long-held myths and makes its own powerful case for a plant-based lifestyle. This film, however, focuses on some of the world’s most elite athletes. Featuring some of the strongest, fastest and toughest athletes on the planet, The Game Changers mixes in the latest groundbreaking science while documenting the explosive rise of plant-based eating in professional sports.

Interestingly, the film’s executive producers, along with James Cameron, creator of Avatar and Titanic, include Arnold Schwarzenegger, a man long identified with championship bodybuilding.
Featured in the trailer, Schwarzenegger is a surprising voice of reason, explaining his own firsthand experience with the meat industry propaganda targeting both bodybuilders and men and fostering the myth that meat is necessary for building manly muscles. ”They showed us a lot of commercials, selling us the idea that real men eat meat. But, you’ve got to understand: That’s marketing. That’s not based on reality,” Schwarzenegger says.

”They showed us a lot of commercials, selling us the idea that real men eat meat. But, you’ve got to understand: That’s marketing. That’s not based on reality.”~Arnold Schwarzenegger

I must admit, even I was shocked to learn that Arnold was slowly getting off meat back in 2016. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a client of mine since 2002 when I was a publisher in Santa Monica, and I was oftentimes a guest at his table during the famous cigar dinners at the Schatzi Restaurant. And believe me, there was no shortage of schnitzel for that Austrian Terminator. Arnold seemed to be one of those manly men who eat lots of meat. What changed?
In a word, science. In the past decade, scientists have uncovered strong evidence that many chronic diseases can be controlled, reduced or even reversed by moving to a whole-food, plant-based diet. But for Lou Corona, this wasn’t new information. Indeed, from Lou’s perspective, for many of those athletes at the top of their game, when it comes to healthy eating, there’s still room for improvement.

For those who want to discover the difference between a junior varsity and varsity level diet, the good news is that Lou is coming to San Diego on August 15th to conduct a free seminar and an advanced workshop and all-day food class that weekend. As always, Lou plans to meet both the latest followers and the newly curious and show them the true potential of healthy eating.

Lou takes the concept of plant-based healthy living to a whole new level, and he’s been teaching and sharing his 4 Principles around the world for more than 47 years. It all started when he was 21-years old when Lou Corona found himself knocking on death’s door, suffering from a brain tumor and a multitude of illnesses including chronic asthma, severe allergies, major constipation, candida, and debilitating arthritis.
Spending countless hours in and out of doctors’ offices and searching for answers beyond the diagnosis, Lou refused to give up until he found out what was causing these illnesses and why.
After one life-threatening asthma attack, Lou switched to what would become his lifelong mission, cold turkey. And after many months of personal coaching, mentoring and discipline, Lou’s brain tumor and other symptoms disappeared.
He successfully transformed his own health and has been living a radiant and healthy lifestyle ever since. Speaking around the world, Lou inspires, empowers, motivates and educates others about the life-changing tools that have led to health and transformation for hundreds of thousands of people.
Forty-seven years after his own transformation, his healthy lifestyle, or at least a subset of it, has turned into a global movement, and there’s no sign that Lou will be slowing down anytime soon, either.
But whatever happens with the plant-based diet movement, encouraged by more recent converts like former Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and The Game Changers, Lou Corona is one man who can truly say he was plant-based when plant-based wasn’t cool!

For those interested in the specifics, Lou advocates a plant-based, living cultured food diet, supported with plant-based enzymes, fresh herbs, and probiotics. According to Lou, enzymes are the very spark of life. Of course, there are myriad of scientific articles and studies that Lou shares with his audiences.

But when you meet Lou in person, it’s hard to get past the proof in the pudding, so to speak, because some of the best evidence for his program’s efficacy is surely standing right in front of you.
When it comes to evidence supporting healthy eating, you see a 68-year-old who looks at least 20 years younger. Then you watch him push off the table and hold a vertical plank for several minutes — and you think, whatever it is, Lou Corona must be doing something right, and he’s living proof!
What’s more, as he relates story after story of clients around the world who radically improved their health; often quite suddenly; you can’t help but want to learn more.
Many of the people who have integrated the 4 Principles into their lifestyle have overcome conditions such as poor digestion; acid reflux; allergies; arthritis; asthma; cancer; chronic fatigue; diabetes; leaky gut; fibromyalgia; excess weight; infertility; PMS; IBS; Crohn’s and many more.

Can chronic diseases really be controlled, reduced or even reversed by moving to a whole-food, plant-based diet? Many scientists now think so. For example; research from the landmark book, The China Study; shows that a plant-based diet can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes; heart disease; and certain types of cancer and other major illnesses.

According to the study; people reported huge fitness payoffs and better health outcomes after making the switch. Unfortunately, according to the latest statistics; there are more than 13 million people walking around with cancer in the United States, and 29 million people with diabetes and it’s getting worse.
According to Lou Corona; most people don’t know that their suffering can be a direct result of poor digestion; poor assimilation; poor metabolism; and poor elimination which can result in life-threatening diseases.
One takeaway is that it’s imperative that we focus on good digestion by healing our gut and taking live enzymes; probiotics and eating enzyme activated living food. Proper digestion allows us to assimilate, metabolize, and eliminate properly. As Hippocrates said in an often ascribed quote, “Life begins in the blood, and death begins in the colon.”
So if you’re interested in improving your quality of life, there’s no better opportunity than next Thursday. Lou will be speaking at a free seminar and sharing the science and stories behind the advanced plant-based lifestyle he’s been teaching for almost five decades including the research that explains why Lou may have been right all along.
Come to Lou Corona’s free seminar and discover why this man’s mission has become a movement . . .

August 15th

What: Lou Corona Live

When: Thursday, August 15th, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

Where: Sunset Temple in North Park3911 Kansas St.San Diego, CA 92104

*Note: The seminar is free (shout out to Sunset Temple for donating the beautiful venue); but seating is strictly limited and this event will very likely sell out. To avoid the waiting list, please pre-register as soon as possible on the Eventbrite app or online at

How: Go to to register for free.


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