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By Ray Shay Broker Associates

Every community has many positive aspects and a few drawbacks that are important to identify. We are very transparent about sharing the good and bad of every community. Telling the truth is far more important than making a home sale.

We have been the 92127 EXPERTS™ since 4S Ranch, Crosby Estates, Del Sur, The Lakes, and Santaluz were first built and have placed countless families in almost every one of our neighborhoods.

At the time, I drove a grey 1967 VW Bug. Despite the passenger side floorboard filling up with rainwater, it was a great car. My passengers learned quickly to raise their feet on rainy days as the water sloshed forward when I braked.

I loved that Bug. After hanging up my gunbelt in my locker, I would strap my surfboard onto the top, throw some towels, flip-flops, camping gear, sweatshirts, and the mandatory ice chest into the back seat, and head south into Mexico.

It was an escape from the sights and sounds of heartbreak and violence that was just part of being a cop. Mexico’s kind and friendly citizens were incredibly welcoming, and the pristine beauty of their country resonated with me. When I turned onto the toll road south from Tijuana, I would look over my right shoulder at the crystal blue Pacific Ocean, turn up my radio, and smell the salty ocean breeze surrounding me.

Then, I could feel the stress of work leaving my shoulders like an unwanted passenger. I was in Mexico.

As luck would have it, a few months ago, I was contacted by a woman I had helped purchase a home in another gated community in 92127 a few years ago. She asked if I could help her sister sell her home in Santaluz. Despite being on the market for almost a year, she had little luck selling it and had yet to receive a single written offer.

Most people writing about Santaluz focus on the physical attributes of this 3,800-acre community. It has exceptional natural characteristics, and its award-winning Rees Jones-designed private golf course is a joy to play. Add in a variety of amenities, including dog parks, swimming pools, sports courts, restaurants, and a quaint coffee shop to gather with family and friends.

That being said, there is still more to talk about. To do so, we must go back a few years to the early 1980s when my work address was 801 West Market St. in downtown San Diego. Yep, where all the cool restaurants are now.

When we met her at the estate home at 7817 Santaluz Inlet, (See center pages), the problem was obvious. I told her she had to “divorce her home.” She was too personally connected to the home’s appearance and expensive furniture. The home was too dark. She agreed to use our Shay Realtor’s “Refresh Program” to get to work quickly without her having to pay upfront costs to reveal the home’s true value.

Over the last few weeks, we have navigated many issues to prepare the home for sale. If you want more details on what or why we do certain things, call me on my cell phone or stop by our open house this weekend. Be sure to schedule an appointment ahead, and we can call you into the gate.

As you can see, our team has made some cool changes.

Spending several weeks in and out of Santaluz allowed our team to learn more about and experience the community firsthand. It was a Sunday afternoon, and one of our support elements needed to complete their work on the home, so Tina Wu and I went for a long walk.

I was amazed as there were plenty of trails, but we spent most of the walk on the blacktop street. In two hours, we were only passed by about six cars. This peaceful walk and future hikes in the area showed us a side of Santaluz I had never experienced. It is abundant in nature, and all the plants are indigenous, so the scents were amazing.

One late afternoon, I was driving my motorcycle and decided to check on the lighting of our home as we prepared it to hit the market. The temperature change in the different Santaluz elevations and the crisp ocean breeze felt amazing as I watched the hot air balloons float past our panoramic ocean view.

When the Santaluz community turned dark at sunset, I turned off my motorcycle and sat there. Since they do not have the typical street lights, the community is dark, allowing me to gaze up at the beautiful stars above. I took a deep breath and felt like I was back in Mexico. I was only missing a few ice-cold Coronas.

Santaluz is likely a prized sanctuary for many of the residents who use it to escape from the hustle and bustle of San Diego. Being only about twenty minutes from the Pacific Ocean this unique community is a very special place you need to experience.

Take a look at the video to the right as it shows both the Santaluz community but also a beautiful estate home located at 7817 Santaluz Inlet. The indoor/outdoor living is unique along with the ocean view from the southwesterly facing back yard.

It was also named “Best Master-Planned Community in Southern California” by the Building Industry Association.

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