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by Saul Amerling, Chair
On August 8th, the CACC held a public meeting inviting stake holders to
offer ideas and feedback about the future of the College Area. The meeting was held at the Ugly Dog, in their back patio. Some 50 or so individuals attended, and they represented a large segment of our community. Members were there from El Cerrito, Mesa Colony, College View Estates, Alvarado Estates, Rolando, the College Area Community Council, developers, the business district, San Diego City representatives, students, and San Diego State University.
The meeting began with a presentation by Jose Reynoso, President of the CACC, who outlined where the community stands in terms of the old community plan which is soon to be updated. It was stressed that growth in housing is inevitable, and we would be wise to get ahead of the issue by defining how we want the area to develop over the next few decades. Jim Schneider followed that up with a review of the area demographics and the potential for commercial growth as he sees it. Finally, we heard from Mike Jenkins who is an attorney and mediator with extensive experience in the planning and land use fields. Mike gave some specifics about the process and advantages of the community getting involved in developing a specific plan.
The rest of the meeting followed a discussion format where suggestions and ideas were brought up, written down and collected. Areas discussed included the need for senior housing, better walkability, medians and islands, improved lighting, higher density to support improved commercial offerings, more parks and public gathering spaces. Other topics included bike lanes, reducing traffic flow, access to SDSU for concerts and events for residents by offering reduced resident parking fees, shuttles circulating the area for students and residents to and from El Cajon Boulevard and bringing art and music from SDSU into the community via galleries/ store fronts on ECB.
This feedback and more will be used by the CACC as it works with the City on the new Community Plan. The public is welcome to attend the monthly Beautification Committee meeting held at the College Rolando Library on the first Wednesday of the month at 6 PM where such ideas are discussed.

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