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On April 27, 2024, Adam’s Avenue Business Association (AABA) will host the free musical walkabout, Adams Avenue Unplugged. This event features over 60+ live musical performances inside restaurants, bars, and coffee houses along a two-mile stretch of Adams Avenue from University Heights on the West, through Normal Heights, and into parts of Kensington to the East. It also has performances outdoors at various patio locations, including the Smitty’s Food Court and Lestat’s Coffeehouse. The AABA hopes to treat musical aficionados and foodies to the rich neighborhood culture.

Adams Avenue Unplugged is free and open to the general public, except for the headliner concert series. This year’s headliner is the California Guitar Trio! The historic Normal Heights United Church hosts the Main Stage and the Community Beer Garden where you can take advantage of the VIP Food & Drink Deal for $24.

This year we are proud to open Unplugged with a special Friday night screening about Lou Curtiss, the festival’s founder. Please follow the link below to learn more about ‘Recordially yours.’

Parking is limited to residential neighborhood streets and can get congested. MTS bus routes 2 and 11 services the neighborhoods. Wear comfortable walking shoes and plan on getting your exercise while exploring all the avenue has to offer.

For band lineup, to purchase tickets and more information, visit

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