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In the heart of San Diego County, non-profit Child Development Associates (CDA) has unveiled its 2023 Annual Report, encapsulating a year marked by remarkable accomplishments and unwavering dedication to its mission. With a team of over 270 committed individuals, CDA continues to be a beacon of hope and support for families and the child care community.

Empowering Families Through Affordable Child Care Services
At the forefront of CDA’s support to low-income working families lies its Alternative Payment Program (APP), funded by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS). This program has been instrumental in providing essential child care reimbursement to families in need across the county which enables parents to work or complete their education, thus strengthening businesses and community. In 2023, CDA took a significant leap forward by championing and implementing a statewide change in categorical eligibility, simplifying the qualification process for families enrolled in means-tested government programs. This monumental effort has led to increased accessibility, with CDA serving an impressive 7,664 families and 13,864 children, and reimbursing 3,320 child care providers for child care. CDA is dedicated to supporting whole-family well-being by connecting clients with community resources to meet their needs collaborating with over 40 different organizations. CDA is a member of the CalEITC Collective led by 2-1-1 San Diego with a mission to reach and educate eligible individuals about tax assistance and available tax credits; promoting financial stability and economic empowerment within the community.

Nurturing Children’s Healthy Nutrition
CDA’s commitment to children’s well-being extends beyond child care services to encompass nutrition education and support. As the largest Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) in California, CDA administers a vital nutrition program across six southern California counties, increasing the quality of nutrition in over 1,000 family child care homes. Through active participation in the national CACFP Roundtable forum, CDA advocates tirelessly for enhanced access to nutritious meals in child care settings, serving a staggering 13,010 children and providing 4.9 nutritious meals last year.

Comprehensive Support for Child Care Providers
Recognizing the pivotal role and work child care providers offer to our community, CDA was contracted CDSS to distribute supplemental reimbursement payments to child care providers serving subsidized children. CDA’s Supplemental Rate Payment Program has made payments to over 5,000 child care providers across 24 counties throughout California. CDA’s commitment to community growth extends beyond traditional avenues. CDA has been assisting child care providers with real estate to expand their business capacity to serve more families. Additionally, CDA has been providing business coaching and support to enhance providers’ enrollment, technology usage, revenue generation, and business success.

Looking Ahead
CDA is celebrating 50 years of support to children, families, and child care providers. Founded by a single mother who understood the challenges of accessing affordable, reliable, and highquality care, today CDA has expanded its support to clients to better meet the changing needs of our community. According to CDA CEO Rick Richardson, “We know families and child care providers are struggling. At CDA each of us is committed to creating opportunities so they can reach their goals.”

To access CDA’s annual report and learn more about their programs, mission, and impact

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